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smv hydraulic cylinders

• SMV Hydraulic Cylinders are 100% QC tested at factory level 

• 2500 PSI working pressure Dual Acting cylinders
• ASAE & Non-ASAE sizes available
• Call 712-366-8040 for availability

ASAE — 8” & 16” stroke cylinders available with ASAE configurations. ASAE
cylinders have defined retracted dimensions. Non-ASAE cylinder retracted
dimensions may vary.

ASAE vs. Non-ASAE – 8” & 16” stroke cylinders are available in ASAE & Non-ASAE configurations. 8” & 16” ASAE cylinders have defined retracted dimensions respectively. Non-ASAE retracted dimensions may vary
Bore – Piston diameter inside the cylinder tube. The larger bore equals greater lifting force
Rod Diameter -- diameter of the piston or rod. Larger diameter equals greater lifting force
Stroke – cylinder travel meaning measured dimensions of the extended length  of the rod minus the retracted length (measured center pin to center pin)
Clevis – most common end type, consisting of two, one on each end, with holes drilled for pins to go thru
Tie-Rod – most common in agricultural applications. Tie-Rods are 4 long, threaded bolts, running the length of the cylinder, to provide extra stability. 
Dual (or Double) Acting – cylinder works under pressure in a pulling or pushing function


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Depth Control Collars

4 per pack

7/8", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2"

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smv cylinder common data