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smv Sprayers

  • 17’ EPDM Hose AG200 hose (made is USA)
  • Professional grade Pumps made in USA by REMCO 
  • Tee-Jet/Spray Systems LHG with adjustable tip
  • Deluxe “D” style handgun w/ adjustable brass tip & ergonomical grip 
  • Engineered TeeJet spray tips on all sprayers with booms 
  • 120” Heavy Duty Wire Lead w/ in-line switch 
  • Pump mounted on top of tanks 
  • Units mostly assembled from manufacturer
  • 40G/60G trailer frames convert easily to skid sprayer with removal of axles & tongue
  • USA blow molded tanks with drain cap & tether; 5” fill hole & Cap, thick sidewalls
  • Upgraded ‘Y’ valve 
  • Metal Frames made in USA & powdercoated are built to last 

Q. I have a spot sprayer, can I convert it to a boom sprayer? 
A. Yes, you need at least a 2 gpm pump or larger and the 2 nozzle & 3 nozzle kits will work. If you have a 4 gpm pump or larger the 2 nozzle, 3 nozzle, 5 nozzle, or 2 boomless nozzle kit will work. All kits are available from SMV Ind. 

Q. My pump started okay and then just shut off.  Is it defective? 
A. No, the pumps are ‘On Demand’ pumps. This means the pump built up pressure to the preset PSI and is waiting for a demand to start pumping again. 

Q. How often should I rinse/clean my sprayer? 
A. The sprayer should at least be rinsed out with water after every use

Q. What is the best way to turn my boom on & off? 
A. The best way for optimum control is the use of the ‘Y’ valve. This is a positive shut-off 

Q. What is the best way to control nozzle drip? 
A. We recommend using the ‘Y’ valve for the positive shut-off. You can also use 5 psi nozzle screens in each tip which require 5 psi of pressure to open. 

Q. What do you recommend for winter storage? 
A. It’s best to store in a climate controlled area. Always clean, flush, & neutralize. If a climate controlled area is not available then store with a little RV antifreeze in the pump, wand and boom parts and be sure to flush with water before the next use. 

Q. The pump runs but isn't pumping anything. 
A. Check all inlets and outlets for obstructions and clean or replace filters & screens. Use warm water to clean suction hose screen. 

Q. My pump shuts off and turns on rapidly, what is happening? 
A. This is called ‘cycling’ and some aspect of your spraying will require adjustment. We recommend adjusting the flow back to the tank via the return line or to open up the flow to the boom and/or wand.

Sprayer FAQS

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